Video Lots

Videos of some 2022 Sale Bulls

                                           2022 PRE SALE BULL VIDEO CLICK HERE

                                     **SCROLL DOWN TO WATCH INDIVIDUAL LOTS**

                                     IMG 9842

To view Lot 1 Texas BONUS R224 CLICK HERE



To view Lot 4 Texas GEDDES R181 CLICK HERER181 Lot 4


To view Lot 7 Texas NASA video CLICK HERER301 To view Lot 11 Texas KATAPULT video CLICK HERE R434 Lot 11
To view Lot 16 Texas MAVERICK video CLICK HERE R752 Lot 16  

To view Lot 22 Texas REMINGTON video CLICK HERE


To view Lot 33 Texas ROLEX R296 video CLICK HERE

R296 lot 33

To view Lot 45 Texas SILVER LINING S89 video CLICK HERE

S089 Lot 45


To view Lot 49 Texas MAVERICK S35 video CLICK HERE

S35 small

To view Lot 50 Texas SNIPER S91 video CLICK HERE

S091 Lot 50

To view Lot 108  Texas SILCENCER S81 video CLICK HERE

 S081 Lot 52

To view Lot 108  Texas MAJOR R447 video CLICK HERE


To view Lot 155 Texas NASA R457 video CLICK HERE

R457 Lot 155



To view Lot 170 Texas GEDDES R191 video CLICK HERE



To view Lot 172 Texas MAVERICK R197 video CLICK HERE



To view Lot 216 Texas BONUS R196 video CLICK HERE






















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