Semen Sires

Semen sires

Texas ICEMAN R725(AI)(ET)

Iceman Final

  Frame 7.1
  Scrotal 41cm
  1,070kgs (Sale weight 2 year old)
  H647e Mavericka


  • Australia’s highest priced All Breeds 15 months & younger bull selling for $225,000
  • An absolute standout bull with power, pedigree and performance
  • Magnificent temperament & impeccable structure
  • Maternal Brother to Texas POWERPLAY who sold for a stud record last year for $108,000
  • His dam Texas UNDINE H647 has now sold 18 sons and averaging $37,100 and her females are averaging $25,000
  • Brother to Poss DEADWOOD who sold for a record $900,000 USD in the US this year
  • His sire MAVERICK ranks in the US Top 1% for Marbling, 4% for heel & Structure, plus 1% for Grid$, Beef$, Combined$
  • Top 10% for 8 individual traits
  • All semen enquiries please contact Nigel Semmens of Genetics Australia 0439 417 941 
  • Texas TOP GUN R66(AI)

    R66 sale1

      Maverick x Berkley
      Frame 6.7
      Scrotal 41cm
      976kgs (Sale weight 2 year old)
       For Video CLICK HERE
     R706 Mavericka
    • Magic EBVs you only dream about!
    • Sired by the great Poss MAVERICK
    • 9 MAVERICK sons averaged $50,000 in the 2021 Bull Sale
    • Style to burn, incredible balance of numbers with phenotype and docility
    • Maternal brother Texas EARNAN L612 topped the 2017 for $56,000 selling to DSK Angus
    • Sleep easy at night and join your heifers to TOP GUN and you’ll not only get live calves but very profitable progeny!
    • For all semen enquires please contact Dale Edwards Worldwide Sires Australia 0427 806 672




  H9 x E10
  Frame 7.1
  Scrotal 41cm
  1,070kgs (Sale weight 2 year old)
  Top 1 - 5% 600, CWT, AB$, HGS$
  Top 5 - 10% EMA, HGR$
  Top 10 - 20% CED CEDT, GL, BW, 200, 400, DOC, RMP, DOM$
  H647e Iceman sister



  • Powerplay is absolute magnificent bull and little wonder why   he sold for $108,000 at 2020 Texas Bull Sale to Kelly’s Angus, Vic, Select Sires Worldwide and Worldwide Sires Australia. This was a record for the stud
  • 3 flush brothers average $53,333 at the sale which also could
  • be a record for any bull sale in Australia! Dam has sold 12 bulls for an average $26,333 which we believe is a record for the Angus breed for that many bulls sold from one cow!
  • daily weight 1.41, 1,070kgs at 2 years of age
  • excellent heifer bull with REAL growth & phenotype and calves are currently hitting the ground 9 days early and averaging 30kgs at Kelly’s Angus
  • superb temperament, phenotype, magnificent movement
  • Grand Dam Z183 has sold almost a$1,00,000 worth of sons without including semen sales
  •  For all semen enquires please contact Dale Edwards Worldwide Sires Australia 0427 806 672

    Texas POWERSHIFT P632(AI)(ET)

    P632 Small

      H9 x E10
      Frame 7.1
      Scrotal 41cm
      1,070kgs (Sale weight 2 year old)
      H647e Nampara PS calf


  • P632ebvs
  • POWERSHIFT is the flush brother to POWERPLAY that we retained in the stud
  • Like POWERPLAY he is a magnificent free moving sire that exhibits the same power, presence and performance of his brother
  • are so excited with his progeny, have ordered more semen
  • 3 flush brothers average $53,333 at the sale which also could
  • be a record for any bull sale in Australia! Dam has sold 18 bulls for an average $37,100 daily weight 1.37, 1,010kgs at 2 years of age even after being used
  • excellent heifer bull with REAL growth & phenotype, strong head and good muzzle
  • Grand Dam Z183 has sold almost a $1,00,000 worth of sons without including semen sales 


Texas Brad Pitt Q065

Brad Pitt small

  Handyman x Infinity 
  Frame 6.5
  Scrotal 41cm
  736kgs (17th Months)
 F204 small Handyman


34kgs born, daily weight gain 1.37kgs/day, 736kgs at 7 months of age, beautifully balanced Handyman son both in the flesh and on paper
Very good docility, slick as a seal and frame 6.5
strong head, good muzzle and movement with excellent structure

From a proven female line and his dam was a feature lot    in the Texas Female 2021 sale selling for $28,000


Texas RADESH R711(AI)(ET)

R711 small

  Moe x 458N
  Frame 7.0
  Scrotal 41cm
  980kgs (Sale weight 2 year old)
  Top 2% NFI
 R700a Moe low res


  • Why shop around when you can buy from 711!
  • Flush brother Texas MOE R700 was the 3rd topped priced bull of the 2021 Texas Sale of $55,000 selling to Prime Angus
  • Dam Texas UNIDNE G561 flush sister to one of our great sires
  • Texas GLOBAL G563 and is dam sold in our recent female sale for $19,000 T Rutter NSW
  • Magnificent temperament & impeccable structure
  • A well balanced structurally correct Moe son with super low birth, growth, docility, structure and great carcase!
  • Those wanting low birth, growth and fat cover here he is
  • Limited semen packages with only be available


Texas NASA N121(AI)

N121final Lot 6A

  K2 x A2
  Frame 6.8
  Scrotal 40cm
  818kgs (Sale weight 2 year old)
  Top 1% NFI
  Top 5% EMA, DOC
  Top 10% 200, CWT
 e030a K2 a


  • 30kgs Born, daily weight gain 1.35kgs/day, 998kgs at 2 years of age, a PROVEN heifer bull with REAL growth & phenotype with strong heads and good muzzles.
  • Will feature NASA sons heavily in next year’s bull sale
  • insane calving ease that will give you growthy calves
  • sleep at night knowing your heifers will calve early without hassle
  • Grand Dam E30 (11 years) sold for $60,000 to 3R Livestock NSW in 2020. Maternal grand son is a standout in next years sale line up.  


Texas Mt Kaputar M100(AI)(ET)

Lot 29 - Texas Mt Kaputar M100AIETb

  GPS x Z183
  Frame 7.1
  Scrotal 44cm
  782kgs (Sale weight 18 month old)
  Top 1% GL 
  Top 5% CED, CEDT, SS, 600
  Top 10% 200, 400, DOM, HGR
 P206b Son sold in 2020 for $17,000

Full ET brother to K2. M100 was the 2017 second top priced bull, selling for $44,000 to a syndicate of studs including Duddy Family, High Court and East West Angus. A more moderate size to his brother and exhibits the same high growth rates, carcase and superb temperament. We used him heavily last year with his calves being born early and light and show the same explosive growth rates. Reports from all that have used him say his calves are absolute standouts. He has been used in WA, VIC and NSW. $60/straw 


Texas Mount K2(AI) - 28 Months

14 June a

 GPS x Grand Design 
 Frame 7
 Scrotal 47cm
1200kgs (mature)
 For Pedigree and EBVs click here
Trait Leader CED, CEDT, GL, 400, 600, SS
Top 5% GL, 600, SS, NFI, 

 P226 SMALL Son sold in 2020 for $16,000



 Texas Mount K2(AI) - 18 Months


  Frame 7
  Scrotal 44cm
  824kgs (18 month old)

 K2 is the second highest selling bull for Texas Angus at $45,000 for a 3/4 share. Welcome Swallow Angus and Glenoch Angus fell in love with K2 because his power packed pedigree, his dam Texas Undine Z183 rated as Texas's best ET donor, his impressive EBVs, structure and amazing temperament. K2 was a tiny calf born and grew to be 100kgs heavier than his contemporaries. Currently 70 sons have been sold to average $11,000, topping at $28,000. (Packages only - 25 straws @ $100 each, 50 straws @ $80 each and 100 straws @ $60 each) 

Texas Stud Muffin H220(AI)


 Bangadang Western Express E10 x Te Mania Infinity
 Frame 7
 Scrotal 44cm
 Mature Weight 1200kgs 
Trait Leader 200, 400, 600, SS
Top 1% 400, 600, SS, CWT
Top 5% 200, DOC, NFI

 H220 is an excellent replacement of his deceased sire E10. He was a standout of his contemporary with scanning and weight gain and has excellent structure. He is a big free moving sire with added length and thickness coupled with softness. There is not any guessing in the breeding potential of this sire. His grand dam Texas Omnia X205 is a big old donor cow renowned for her ability to pass on her strong well boned features with good heads and a big muzzle. She is still operating at the grand old age of 17! H220's feet are immaculate and there wouldn't be many sires around at his age and size that could match his outstanding foot structure. His progeny show explosive growth, have great temperaments with excellent mobility and heavy fleshing ($80/straw). 


Texas Maximum P5 (AI)



 GT Maximum x Premier Highrise
 Frame 7 
 Scrotal 45cm
 Mature Weight 1300kgs  


An oldie but a goodie! P5 was a magnificent Angus bull admired by all who had the opportunity to see him. He was extremely powerful, agile for his size and produced over a million dollars worth of bulls. His sons displayed his amazing natural thickness, faultless structure,  broad muzzles, slick and wonderful do abilty in tough envirnoments. His data set certainly doesn't do any justice for his breeding capabilities. ($40/straw).


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